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Established in 2005, we have four student houses in Pretoria East near Menlyn; all on the property of Hatfield Christian Church. Each house is fully equipped for comfortable student living and all necessary amenities are provided. Security is a priority with palisade and electric fencing, 24- hour security guards, we have roaming security during the day and guard at night. and coded gates to ensure limited access. The houses are run by house leaders, together with the students. Most rooms provide shared accommodation with a few private rooms, and allocations are made on a first come, first served basis. The church has a vibrant young adults ministry that caters specifically for students, for those who would like to be involved.


"Community has done a lot for me personally.  I am very grateful for the friendships and family that I have created and I think I am a better leader in life because of Hatfield Community."            

- Thembeka

"When I arrived I was met with overwhelming grace and compassion from the house leaders and my fellow students. It has been a place that has greatly edified me physically as we used to exercise outside together, spiritually, relationally and emotionally  in learning how to deal with myself and people on this journey of life, that we walk with people that is heaven bound I have immense gratitude for this space as it has changed my life" - Ziwe

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1. Do the houses have study areas?

A secure study centre with Wi-Fi is available to students until late. The dining room tables in the houses are available to students for late night study.


2. What does the cost not include?

Bedding, towels, toiletries, washing baskets, washing powder and pegs.

3. Can I view the houses?

You are most welcome to make arrangements to view our houses during office hours.

4. What is my next step?

Complete the application form and send it to us for processing. You will then be interviewed telephonically and receive feedback on the outcome of your application.


5. When are applications open? When do they close?

Your best time for successful application is early November for the following year, however there is no assigned closing date. Applications are welcome all year round, as students do move from time to time.

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